Schenker Storen was founded in the year 1881 in Schönenwerd (Solothurn) and has developed into the first name in Swiss sun and weather protection on the market. of creation. Our principles are creativity, design, experience and knowledge.

We offer:

High-quality sun and weather protection products for your home

First-class service from installation to maintenance and repair

High-quality products and services

Sustainable production and added value

Servicing Extends the Life of your Blinds

Frequent use and constantly changing weather conditions can put a strain on your blinds system. Professional and regular servicing of your blinds helps to prevent any potential damage.

Servicing by Schenker Storen guarantees your blinds will work perfectly and help retain the value of the system.

With a Schenker Storen’s service contract, you need not worry about a thing. We will service your blinds at specified intervals, of course, with dates and costs clearly defined in advance.

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